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This video is a must watch for patients and relatives, which will answer all your questions about the treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new patient procedure?

Firstly you have to book an appointment with us through the website, call or email. Your first consultation will be through an online video-calling/tele-calling facility which is absoluetly free of cost, where we assess your situation and prescribe the treatment. Next session onward, the physiotherapist will visit you at your home or hospital or meet you online on Zoom. We provide 1 hour physiotherapy sessions in which our therapists will thoroughly assess you for 15 minutes and treat you accordingly for 45 minutes.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A doctor's referral is desirable but not necessary, to consult a physiotherapist. However, we advise doctor referalls if your situation is serious. If you are experiencing pain during a fever or immediately after a fracture, then you should definitely consult a doctor before coming to us. Also, if you are experiencing sudden chest pain, dizziness or sudden weakness of any part of your body, you should consult a doctor before consulting us.

What precaution measures do you take during treatment, especially during COVID-19?

All our Physiotherapists take hygiene and precaution very seriously. Every physiotherapist will disinfect before treatment and use gloves and mask during treatment. At our company, the health of our patients as well as our physiotherapists are of utmost importance.

What if we have questions or feedback?

Your questions and feedback are really important to us. You can ask questions and give feedback directly to your physiotherapist while your treatment and after your treatment. You can also call us or email us if you have further doubts or if you want to give us feedback.

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